Seismic interpretation software


SeisWare International Inc. develops, markets and supports SeisWare™ software, an all-inclusive, PC-based seismic interpretation package.
Version 7.0 of SeisWare software introduced the 3D Seismic Visualizer application, powered by Open Inventor, which brings powerful 3D visualization capabilities to this innovative interpretation software.

Geoscientists use the SeisWare 3D Seismic Visualizer application to view sub-surface data in three dimensions. This demonstrates how their data looks below the earth’s surface and verifies the accuracy and validity of proposed drilling locations.

To develop the 3D Seismic Visualizer application for their clients, the SeisWare team required a solution that would be cost-effective, robust, easy to implement and something SeisWare software could continually integrate with, as new functionality and enhancements are added to the interpretation package.

The SeisWare product management team selected Open Inventor as a 3D toolkit for developing the 3D Seismic Visualizer, because the toolkit was cost effective, SeisWare’s in-house resources – with knowledge of Open Inventor and its C# interface – reduced development time, and it contained two key components: volume and surface visualization. Speed and power were two major benefits of using the Open Inventor toolkit, which allowed SeisWare to quickly produce a first version of their 3D Visualizer application.
SeisWare’s users required the ability to view seismic data in a 3D format, such as full interactive display of 3D seismic volumes with well, tops, curves, faults, grids, and horizons; the ability to control the appearance of each data type; or to be able to rotate, slice and animate 3D seismic in real-time while interpreting. The Open Inventor integration made it possible to produce a fully functioning 3D Visualizer in a short amount of time.