GeoTeric software for 3D seismic interpretation

Julia Frick, Product Manager at GeoTeric

GeoTeric is the world leading Cognitive Interpretation software package. GeoTeric’s unique design and patented technologies improve workflow productivity by revealing the geology before you interpret it. This improves interpretation confidence and decision making, gives a much better understanding of reservoir heterogeneity and allows a more accurate geological model to be defined, saving time, reducing cost and helping to de-risk investment decisions.

Cognitive Interpretation empowers the interpreter by enabling them to use their geological and geophysical expertise to maximum effect. GeoTeric® is the only seismic interpretation software package that was designed to fully support Cognitive Interpretation. Its use of example driven frameworks and adaptive interpretation techniques ensures the software works symbiotically with our cognitive processes.

We selected Open Inventor as the core 3D visualization component for our product line because we needed a dual platform solution that provided excellent performance. 3D seismic interpretation involves displaying very large volumes of data using a variety of rendering techniques, including visualising them as 3D cubes; mapping data onto complex geometries and as a 3D rendered objects, all of which are supported by Open Inventor.

In addition, Open Inventor supports dynamic rendering. This is an important aspect for some of the capabilities that are unique to GeoTeric, such as our patented Adaptive Geobodies technology, which renders the Geobodies as they are growing.

At GeoTeric we are always trying to push new boundaries. We are therefore very excited about Open Inventor’s remote rendering technology (RemoteViz) and its potential to allow us to define innovative ways of team collaboration.