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Thermo Scientific™ Open Inventor™ Toolkit helps application developers deliver better applications faster, by providing fast, powerful, dependable 3D graphics libraries.
In this gallery you will find commercial application examples, scientific publications, articles, papers, posters, presentations or videos that show Open Inventor Toolkit usage in Medical, Dental, Oil & Gas, and Engineering markets.
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Big Seismic Data Visualization on Cloud: A Case Study Collaborating with Industry

Big Seismic Data Visualization on Cloud: A Case Study Collaborating with Industry

Scientific and industrial data have grown too big to efficiently process and visualize using the current desktop solution. The cloud computing becomes a feasible solution to tackle the big data challenge. However, how to efficiently visualize big data sets such as the Oil & Gas industry seismic volume on the cloud remotely remains a challenge. It is not feasible to send big data back to the client side to visualize them. The limitations of Internet latency and bandwidth require all data r... Read more

Hao Zheng, Lei Huang - Computer Science Department, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX 77446 Bidur Bohara, Michael M. Heck – Materials & Structural Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Houston, TX 77084

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Seismic interpretation software

Seismic interpretation software

SeisWare International Inc. develops, markets and supports SeisWare™ software, an all-inclusive, PC-based seismic interpretation package.
Version 7.0 of SeisWare software introduced the 3D Seismic Visualizer application, powered by Open Inventor, which brings powerful 3D visualization capabilities to this innovative interpretation software.

Geoscientists use the SeisWare 3D Seismic Visualizer application to view sub-surface data in three dimensions. This demonstrates how their ... Read more


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