CAMILO 3D-surface design tool for aerodynamic optimization

Rocco Arpa, Senior R&D Engineer at OPTIMAD

OPTIMAD selected Open Inventor as the core 3D visualization component for the CAMILO 3D-surface design tool for aerodynamic optimization.

OPTIMAD (Optimization Methods for Aerodynamic Design) develops advanced analysis, design, and optimization software for solving complex fluid-dynamical phenomena in nearly every industry: automotive and aeronautical engineering, urban flows, turbomachinery, and more.

CAMILO (Computer Aided Manipulation by Level-set for Optimization) is a tool for geometrical manipulation and morphing of 3D object shapes. It is an essential geometrical pre-processor that:

  • Provides quick modifications of a 3D object shape
  • Parametrizes its geometry and defines a layout that can be easily integrated in an automatic computational loop

CAMILO is specifically designed for shape optimization purposes, and is intended to work as a shape managing unit in the optimizer’s workflow. The typical users are:

  • Automotive industry (optimization of car bodies, air cooling ducts, spoilers, etc.)
  • Marine transportation (optimization of boat hulls, sail wings, etc.)
  • Aerospace industry (optimization of wings, engines hulls, fuselage, stabilizers etc.)
  • Industrial equipment production (optimization of flow pipes, pumps, turbines, fans, etc.)
  • Consumer goods production (optimization of bike helmets, for example)

CAMILO’s engine is based on Free Form Deformation (FFD) algorithms and employs level-set techniques to ensure constraints control between deformable and undeformable parts of the geometry, as in the case of local deformations.