VirtX/virtusMED Computer-based training system ( Peter L. Reichertz Institute)

Peter L. Reichertz Institute

Currently the correct intrasurgical positioning and adjustment of mobile X-ray image intensifiers (C-arm) can be learned theoretically through the use of textbooks, the practical training with the device itself suffers from the lack of visual feedback, i.e. radiographs corresponding to the adjustment of the C-arm.This leads to the question, whether the training of correct operation and adjustment of a C-arm in different operation scenarios can be supported by a C-arm simulation system being part of a CBT system (Computer Based Training).

How Open Inventor Toolkit is used

Open Inventor is used in virtX and virtusMED as 3D rendering and scene graph framework. Open Inventor was chosen mainly because of its fast and exact volume rendering VolumeViz, plus flexible slicing and clipping, fast offscreen rendering, possibility to use volumes and 3D-models in one scene, high level interaction capabilities and all the other features.