Ez3D-i, dental software for 3D diagnostic imaging

Ike Kim, CTO at Ewoosoft

Ewoosoft selected Open Inventor as the core 3D visualization component for the Ez3D-i dental software.

Ez3D-i is a 3D imaging viewer which allows dentists to quickly and accurately diagnose their patients. Its capabilities include 3D visual simulation, 2D image analysis, and various ways of manipulating CT images through a variety of MPR functions. “We are very happy to choose Open Inventor as the 3D core engine”, says Ike Kim, CTO at Ewoosoft. “Thanks to the comprehensive features of Open Inventor, we could focus more on which features to provide to our customers rather than how.”

Ewoosoft has recently launched a new version of Ez3D-i (version 4.0), which is based on the Open Inventor 3D SDK, for even greater 3D volume rendering quality and speed. This new version of Ez3D-i takes advantage of  the complete functionalities of Open Inventor to provide advanced 3D rendering and simulation features, and also allows for easy integration with other software, for example surgical guide applications for implant placement. Ez3D-i has raised the bar for advanced features such as accurate collision detection and 3D panorama.