ATON3D®: post-processing 3D for Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) planning (Mobilemed Solutions)


Mobilemed Solutions provides a powerful medical software for educational and clinical use, ATON3D®. Loading and rendering DICOM data with very high quality, the software allows the user to obtain the best results for an advanced analysis and study cases.
ATON3D® and its EVAR module for clinical use provides the necessary assistance for physicians to perform endovascular surgical intervention, including specific visualization modes and measurements that allow the creation of reports.

How Open Inventor Toolkit is used

Powered by the Open Inventor 3D Software Development Toolkit, ATON3D® has very high quality 3D volume rendering, with many CT and MR presets, allowing users to have the best experience during their work. The powerful and complete Open Inventor Toolkit image processing library allows our team to easily build and integrate segmentation and analysis workflows.